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The Heysen @ Turramurra

Situated in a leafy suburb on the North Shore, developer Aqualand has recently launched yet another quality and innovative boutique residential offering - The Heysen. 

Aqualand, known for projects such as The Revy in Pyrmont, is also known for being engaged in cutting edge technology and as such was a perfect client for Ivolve Studios to introduce our Virtual Reality technology to. Not only have we produced a beautiful set of computer generated images that highlight the sense and quality of light filling these apartments our VR technology allowed potential buyers to experience moving and interacting with the apartment.

As a potential buyer one of the important questions you ask yourself is 'how would it feel to be standing in this apartment and travel around it?' When standing in the kitchen you might even look up at the overhead cupboards and wonder 'can I reach those handles to open the doors?'. With our VR system you can actually test that and see for yourself because the system gives you a true sense of height from your actual eye line. It's custom for each person that puts the VR headset on. Whilst holding the hand controls you can reach out and open doors, pick up objects and change between the light and dark scheme finishes.  

Nothing else can give you a sense of walking through and interacting with an unbuilt space. 

Below is an article on the development and our technology which featured on Daily Telegraph:

Below are some of the CGI's created for this project.

Below are photos of the display suite and the VR System on site

View from Entry of Display Suite

Our printed CGI's looked great in these display frames. Aqualand did an amazing job with the look and quality of the display suite. 

Our Virtual Reality System in action in the dedicated VR Experience room

If you would like to experience what it feels like to walk through a Virtual Apartment and discuss how this might aid you in the leasing/sales of your development please feel free to contact us for a demonstration of our VR system here at 135 King Street, Sydney.

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