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Lighthouse Apartments @ Pacific - Bondi Beach

The final Lighthouse Apartment is for sale at one of Australia's most prestigious and sought after locations - PACIFIC Bondi Beach. With 270 degree outlooks unimpeded over Bondi Beach, it's no wonder the grandeur of this development attracts so much attention. After successfully working with the developers Capit.el Group and Rebel Property to market the original apartments we have again been engaged to help sell the final apartment thereby bringing us full circle on this project.

This time however not only have we produced stunning visuals of BKH's interior design we have also introduced our breath taking Virtual Reality technology to the marketing campaign.  Potential buyers are led up to Apartment 504 which is currently a concrete shell. They can wonder around the large apartment space and walk out to the balcony and feast their eyes on the amazing view and soak in the smells and sounds of all that living by the beach has to offer. So the question then is, why would you need to see a Virtual Apartment if you're already standing it in?  See images below of the space and the VR setup.

The answer is to create a vision and create an engaging experience. Most buyers find it challenging enough understanding a space looking at floor plans. That's why we create computer generated images to help bring to life an interior design to help buyers 'see' what their new apartment could look like. But in this case, seeing isn't always enough. Especially when you're selling a multi-million dollar apartment. And hence our VR system creates the 'experience' to compliment the existing traditional marketing material. When you're standing in the VR space you will have the Virtual Reality headset placed on your head, and seemingly like magic, you are now transported into a fully furnished luxury apartment. At this point you can really appreciate the scale and breadth of this apartment as you start physically walking around the Virtual apartment. It's not a video so it's not something that you just press the 'play' button and watch. It's not just a 360 degree panorama like a Samsung Gear VR example. With our Virtual Reality projects we encourage you to walk, crouch, look over, peer into, move past, in short - Experience living in the apartment.

Below are the CGI's that were created for this stunning apartment show casing BKH's amazing design.

If you would like to experience what it's like to explore this beautiful apartment in VR you can do so by contacting Capit.el Group Pty Ltd or we welcome you to come to our office in King Street, Sydney and we can give you a demonstration here. 

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