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Calibre - Surry Hills

Koichi Takada Architects have once again designed a building of beauty. It’s not just a place to live, Calibre represents elegance. Ivolve was honoured to play a part in bringing KTA’s vision to life. The brief was to create imagery which embodied sophistication and demonstrates the designs connection with nature through the quality of finishes and lighting.


Every aspect of the design was highly considered. From the base building through to the smallest embellishment seen in the CGI’s. This resulted in a stunning set of CGI’s that allowed the developer to sell 13 out of 18 apartments on launching the development.


Working again with CBRE and RareID allowed us to produce this work on a pretty demanding schedule yet still deliver the highest level of quality. A great outcome with all parties very happy with the end result and the process of getting there too.

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